Why we all should listen carefully our sense of guilty

I strongly believe what Buddha said: everybody has a buddha-nature.

Our true nature, what is closer to our honest being, is what Buddha and all the masters and realized souls of all the religions, philosophies, countries and times considered the most valuable treasure and the shining diamond of our real destiny. The higher and most noble scope of our life is to discover with enthusiasm and gratefulness this truth.

Life is here, death will be here soon, unexpected. Nobody really knows what will happen in 5 minutes, nobody can guarantee that tomorrow we will have the same conditions of today. What do you want to do with your time? Don’t you think there must be a reason if you and me are here, now?

The simple truth of facts is the opposite of our imaginary world created by ignorance.

Ironically that imaginary world is more similar to the true hell we try so desperately to escape from.

I always had a strong sense of guilty: I felt guilty for not being what the world expected from me, for not doing what was expected from me, for being imperfectly me. For years I fought against this suffering feeling, but a few days ago I understood that my sense of guilty is probably one of the most delicate and sensible parts of me: the best guide I have.

If I would refuse it … well, that would be a terrible mistake:)

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The sterile disappointing feeling of being stuck

Well, I am getting old. I am fine with it, I accepted the idea. Now I am 33, and my body is still strong and fast, but how long will it last?

I have been training all my life, but for what after all? I feel like a race car always kept in the garage.

In the last few years I have achieved everything is commonly considered “an good status”. I work as engineer in Milan as free-lance for a British company. I have my professionality, and in the same time my freedom.

I have a nice body and I do not miss nothing. Nice clothes, a Moto Guzzi in my garage. But in the deep of myself I want to lose everything, lose myself into the world and be a nomad. Is this suicide? I don’t think so, it’s more an obsession.

You will say: so why don’t you simply give away everything and leave to be a bum? The answer is as logical as simple: because I am scared to lose all the benefits I have accumulated in years of hard work. Nice job: scared and ambitious. Bad combo.

When I calm down and I reflect on it, I understand that the place where you are, the job that you do, the people you are with are crucial factors, but nothing compared to your inner maturity. It’s completely nonsense to develop external career if we don’t improve internally. How? With meditation, there are several dfferent techniques, and the majority of them have nothing to do with religion. I guarantee, word of engineer.

Still the problem persists: how we can relate that need for anarchic freedom with our messy but structured society? Is everything there, in the streets?

I don’t have an answer but you will be sure I am going to find out. So long I have reached a certain number of goals. Next will be to have a job that will give me the possibility to live and work from everywhere.

I will keep you updated


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Rules of escaping

My rules to escape:

  • first, the best moment to escape is when it is not expected (i.e. when all the world is doing something else, like working)
  • second, each escape has a specific purpose to be discovered
  • third, each escape is an experiment and the consequences will be inevitable
  • fourth, escaping is art and not just escaping

We all need motivators

Yeah, sport is a drug. One of the best. Yes, believe it: you can get addicted with something that is actually legal, and doesn’t destroy your body (I mean, there are a lot of legal ways to destroy your body if you want). Just stop my training for a few days, and I will start getting nervous for silly things, arguing pointlessly. Then I say to myself: “Calm down and meditate, ot train to death!” I really hate myself when it happens: I feel like Doctor Jakyll/Mr. Hyde.

For years I have been training by myself mixing athletics, gymnastics and martial arts. I have unwittingly developed my own training method which actually works, but sometimes I need to be motivated by somebody that is not ME, otherwise I repeat always the same exercises and the same patterns. We all have weak sides we should work on: friends can help us to notice them and adapt the training to the circumnstances. An external eye sometimes sees what we don’t, because we are too used to watch it.

Why motivation is the real fuel of everybody’s training?

  • 1- We are all connected

I have been preparing by mysefl for sooo long, but I have to admit: we all need an external reference to rely on, not to lose your Northern Star in the dark moments. The only way to ensure yourself results is to be permanently committed, that’s why we all need sombody to make us realise we are not giving 100%

  • 2 – Don’t hesitate, clear your doubts

We all have doubts on what should be done, or not. How to do a certain exercise, if that leg/arm goes in that position, what are the risks of that workout, ect ect. What would happen if you have none to ask your technical questions? You will probably take the minor risk, which means in the majiority of cases you will do the same exercise, in the same old way, and very likely the same error.


Record yourself, watch yourself, ask opinons, compare with the best and then forget about it. Play your own game.

  • 3 – Be always on track

Your motivator is someone who remembers you what is your goal, where you come from, what results you already achieved, where you are going to. Is someone who helps you staying on track, not to lose time. He (or she) wants you to be efficient. Bad times always come, but your motivator knows whent is time to push, and when to rest. Is your friend, because you two share the same passion.


These are just a few good reasons why we all should remember the importance of motivators.

In the best scenario you will find a partner, and a friend.

Read how MB can help you get motivation here: http://metropolitanbeast.com/online-training-coaching/

For any question contact us here: http://metropolitanbeast.com/contact/



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Let me say: I am satisfied.

Honestly I am very proud to see that people who is trying MB method like it and want to go on. Let me resume the situation: at the beginning of 2014 I proposed to a few people I know to be their online fitness coach for a couple of months.

Why? Because I think that people need the help of an expert to get fit, to have a clean eating in order to fight the sedentary life that kills our body, and therefore our mind. I hate that.

Turns out that some of the people I know want to participate. I got the information I needed to start and I set up a customized work flow for each of them: wrote them a training plan with some outdoor activities (e.g. jogging) and some indoor workouts supported by MB training videos. Some nutrition advices came from Sara, that is a nutritional pro!

After the first two weeks I had a talk with them in order to chek out their feedbacks, and this is what they said.

35097_415891854155_967005_nStefano works as mechanical engineer in China and wants to lose weight and get fit. He said to me: I have lost 1 Kg of fat mass and gained 0.5 Kg of lean body mass. I am sweating a lot, even after the workout!”

Luca.phpLuca is an engineer too, he is often travelling in Northern Europe. He wants to get fit and improve his performances keeping the nutrition under control: “I feel stronger and firm legs. I am trying to have smaller single snacks, to eat fruit at empty stomach and trying different types of meat.”

DSC_1981Andreja is an artist and enterpreneur. She wants solid legs and butt: “I had a stop with training for a few days because I was in Paris, but even now I feel stronger and firm legs and butt. I am not interested in martial arts but I have to admit that MB works!”

Stay tuned to follow the progress of MB partecipants, and don’t forget to…



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Have some nutrition tips by an expert!

Sara is a professional and certified nutritionist, she works and lives in Slovenia.

1000746_436552283118085_262393392_nI met her during the Ljubljana Health and Fitness Fair in October 2013 and after a few months I asked her if she wanted to cooperate with Metropolitan Beast. Nutrition and training are perfect to join in an Online Coaching!

Since a few weeks she gives nutrition advices to the partecipants of the Metropolitan Beast Fitness Coaching Program. I asked to my clients to fill in a questionnaire and on the basis of their information Sara gave her personal point of view on their nutrition, which is actually a great chance for us all to learn a lot about food and nutrition.

For example about Stefano, Sara says:

Stefano, I saw that you sleep only 6-6,5 hours per night. This is not quite enough if you want complete renovation of your organism. You need at least 7 hours of good sleep. But, on the other hand, if you go to bed at 9 or 10 pm, even 6 hours are enough. It is very important to go to sleep before midnight, because the hours before midnight are the most effective hours of sleeping. It is best to go to sleep latest at 10 pm.

Or again, on Luca:

Luca, you wrote that you drink water when you eat. It isn’t good to drink while eating, because this interrupts digestion. After you had a meal you also mustn’t drink at least for an hour. It is best to drink water before your meal (half an hour before) and then during meals. During workout it is very necessary to drink water, too.

We are proud to work with her, and by the way this is very helpful also for me!

For any question or clarification about nutrition and natural habits here you have her contact:

Follow us on:

: : : Unchain the Beast : : :

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Training and living in China

Stefano chose MB as Online Coach. Why?

Stefano is an Italian engineer, he is 33 and works and lives in Ningbo, China. He works for an Italian company. His task is to take care of the Eastern market in his sector. He is resident in Asia since a few years, and travels often (50/60 flights per year). I met Stefano when he got back in Italy for the Christmas holydays and he was interested in online coaching.

35097_415891854155_967005_n“When I am traveling for work it’s difficult to maintain the pace of training and a certain diet. Almost every night I am out for dinner with some client, and I can’t always choose to eat how I want. When I am at home I normally go to the gym three times a week, but when I am in hotel is difficult to train and I am starting gaining weigth“.

This is the perfect situation for MB online coaching – I told him. If you agree, I could follow your training and (as possible) your alimentation for a couple of months: I am sure we can get some good results!

“Yeah, but I have a problem to my knee… You know, I have been playing soccer for so many years, and my left knee now doesn’t have no more cartilage”.

I proposed to start for a couple of weeks of general conditioning, paying attention not to stress his left knee. Stefano’s goal in the first two weeks is to ido a lot of aerobic work, which is the basical work for anyone wants to lose weight. We opted for two different warm-ups: jogging when weather is nice, and MB video warm-up for indoor sessions.

imagesIn addition to his normal body building training for the upper part of the body in the gym, I suggested to implement specific exercises to reinforce the muscles of the thighs which control the knee, in order to help the knees which are actuallt a weakness of Stefano.

Today I had an email from Stefano: I just finished working out now! This week I did 5 workouts and following you suggestion here you have some data, since I also bought the pedometer and the libra which also indicates the fat mass. I also have measured the dimensions of my knee:

Measures right thigh : 41 cm (above the knee) / 59 below the groin
Left : 42/60 (I’m left-handed )

Weight: 93 kg ( lost 1 this week)
Fat Mass: 23.1 kg (according to the libra. Ideal for me is around 15, so we must keep on working!)
Body mass index: 26.6 (ideal under 25)
Average calories: 2900 per day, 900 of which active

We can have a call Thursday in the morning at 8 if it is ok for you, because until Thursday I will be around for work and do not have much time.

For the moment everything is okay. I would like to continue for another week with the same type of workout, then we can introduce something else. Please note that, in addition to strengthening the legs, my goal is to lose weight, since I have at least 8 kg to lose. I got the advices of your friend Sara (the nutritionist), and I will take a look!
If I continue like this and with your help and encouragement we get results!

See you soon

Stay tuned on MB to follow the progress of Stefano with Metropolitan Beast Online Coaching!

: : : Unchain the Beast : : :

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Did you try training online?

Why should you opt for an online service while simply going to the gym?

I am an engineer, and often I am away for work. Sleeping in hotels, with no time or equipment for a real training, this breaks my pace of training, and I lose the results I hardly achieved. This sucks. The problem is we have a little time for ourselves and we must optimize our time and energies to achieve the maximum with the minimum investment. This is called efficiency.

In order to get these results even with difficult boundary conditions we need:

  • clear and simple training program, designed to last no more than max. 1 hour per day;
  • motivation: you need someone to remember you your goal and your deadlines, making you want to get them;
  • nutrition program: that’s why we have an exper for that;
  • flexible program: it must be designed on your likes/dislikes perferences and your personal skills and conditions. Eveything is customized specifically on your needs!

Here you will read the story of whom is already trying MB online coaching.

Andreja Kranjec


Country: Slovenia

Age: 24

Goal: in 2 months better shape and stronger legs

Job occupation: artist and entrerpreneur

Life philosophy: everything is possible if you believe in it!

Stay tuned to know more on her program, her progresses and the other stories of our friends!

Read more on:



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The benefical effects of Tibetan meditation – Scinè

1518207_565201713572295_1442140161_nMeditation is not Tibetan, there are different traditions in meditation. Tibetan tradition developed and improves different techniques which have specifical scopes: for example Scinè brings peace in the mind.

Some years ago some good friends of mine told me about Buddhism and the benefical effects of meditation. I discovered in my city a Tibetan centre,  run from a young greek Lama. Having a resident Lama is actually a great fortune, because he is a stable and reliable support for the practicers. I knew Lama Luigi and I suddenly felt good in company of his honest and clever community.

I partecipated to the course of Scinè. I didn’t know much about Tibetan culture, and still I do not,  but the teachings of that young Lama made me entrust him: I felt comfortable and then I started listening the noble principles of Dharma. I am not a religious person, but everything I heard in the Buddhist teachings have always been in accordance with the reason and my personal convincements.

Scine is a technique of bringing peace to the minds of the Tibetan tradition.The aim is to obtain the highest concentration in practice, in everyday life and in the preparation of the Martial Arts.

1521389_565381393554327_83907109_nTHE COURSE Initially you learn to relax your body with preliminary exercises. Then you try the meditation position, focusing the attention on the breath and staying in this state, with a feeling of well-being.

WHO IS FOR The practice of Scinè is useful to those who want better concetration in the workplace, in sports and in social life in general. Addressing the commitments with the mastery of Scinè means to sail on a calm and clear sea, even if around everything is agitation and confusion.

THE GOAL The goal is to make sure that our mental state depends on us, not by external circumstances that, through the practice of Scinè, gradually lose their uncanny power. The course is divided into three levels where the Lama teaches you how to get to a meditation that can provide a stable point in the mind, not influenced by what happens outside neither by thoughts that may cross it. It is important to have comfortable clothing that helps a comfortable position while sitting cross-legged. The exercises and techniques are presented to everyone and have no religious implications. The best effects are achieved by practicing the technique for a few minutes each day (two or three minutes are enough to experiment the benefits).

Mind is like a ocean, with its tempests and hurricanes and dead calms. In the middle of all these events we forget that we are not just objects at the mercy of the natural forces, but everything moves and is moved. We are the waves, the water, the wind and the sky full of clouds. We are the observer and the observed.

Do you meditate?


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5 tips that will change your jogging

Jogging is the simplest exercise: it is completely free, you do not need any structure or tool, you can do it everywhere and in almost every condition. You just need a pair of running shoes. Jogging has amazing beneficial  effects on heart and lungs, this is particularly indicated for elder athletes.

Bruce Lee once told: ”Young people breath with abdomen, middle-aged people breath with diaphragm, old people with throat and mouth”. If you want to stay young learn to breath with abdomen. Jogging teaches you to breathe deeply.


Some years ago I had some back problems, so I tried to change my running posture with the help with a specialist. This influenced positively my running technique. Now I am more satisfied of my performances, and I feel physically much better.

Some simple advices:

1. Don’t exasperate the extension of the legs while pushing

Full extension of the pushing leg is old school! It wears off the low articulations of the back and in genral sets your body in an innatural position.

2. Heels, knees and elbows should draw circles of different widths during the action

Search for armony and continuous breathing during the action. Try to be circular with all your movements: you have a center of gravity that moves forward this is the important thing, all you have around it is like a galaxy around a sun. Do not look the finger, look at the moon.


3. Try to address the nape upward

Your nape is your zenith: it must be always looking at the top. The feeling you have to look for is your head is on the top, in the control cabin, and looks all your woonderful body moving, end gives commands and controls like a good chief does. But is never too involved in the action.


4. Use arms to find the balance

You arm keep you in the correct position during the action, and your hands slightly contracted. Elbows ninety-degreees bent, and do not totate too much your torso while jogging.

5. Don’t bounce too much

Try not to bounce too much up and down, try not to jump too much when you run: don’t forget your intention is to move forward!

How is your jogging? Did you find helpful this post? Let us know your opinion!

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